I Was A Collegiate Zombie

This was my final video project in Video Production 1. It shows in places, but I think that the concept is solid, and that it certainly comes through in areas. I had thought about making a sequel to it during senior week (right before graduation), but unfortunately, it didn't work out. I'm still working on some sequel ideas, so you may yet get to see Jim and the trials and tribulations that is his life.

The idea for it came from two ideas I had been toying with for my final project: a straight out zombie movie (much like Evil Dead, in that it would have to be very humorous), or a "Real World" style film dealing with types of people you wouldn't expect to find on the "Real World". I finally decided to do both of them, but lost the "Real World" style in favor of a more "mockumentary" take.

There were some ideas I had for this film which unfortunately didn't make it into the final project, due either to time or complexity. Hopefully I can incorporate them into a sequel, whenever it finally gets made.

This film is about 10 minutes long, and 70mb in size. It is encoded in the DivX format, and you can download it by clicking on the link underneath the screenshots.

Collegiate Zombie